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Nov. 24th, 2010

Yes Hr!



After so many years I'm still bitter about what should have been and never happened...

So, after all FUCK YOU Jo Rowling!!!

Ginny is a Mary Sue and well Ronald is so immature for Hermione...

Thanks God for Kloves and this little piece of them! So many H/Hr moments in this movie and I wasn't bottered by the R/Hr hints.

In my perfect world Hr dumped R and fucked the brains out of H :)

NOTE: Yeah I'm still alive, I'm mostly a lurker here, my job has become so freaking important that I never posted again here...

Mar. 3rd, 2008

Bill Nighy


I was robbed this morning *_* It wasn't even 7 am when a fucking boy put his arm around me and pointed to my jeans and started to pull out my poor iPod from my pocket :'( I realized at the moment what the hell was happening and I told him 'Take it, just take it' And there were a few people who were fucking watching what was happening and nobody said anything *_* He was young and didn't look like a fucking thief. Well at least he didn't harm me or killed me! So I'm grateful to God for that and I'm never going to walk for that place again.

What a way to begin this week, now I'm back to work with fucking budgets and number and all that jazz.

Feb. 24th, 2008

It's my b-day!!!! Thanks Kate XD

Back in Black...

*is alive*

*is tired*


+ My life has been reduced to: sleep, travel to work, work, eat, return to my town, uni, study,, eat, sleep...

+ SCHOOL IS OVEEEEER :D I finished this past week and I'm so happy and sad about it :') And I've no idea about my grades :O

+ My turtle is depressed because she needs *coughs* a partner *coughs* D: And it was confirmed that it's a female not a male!

+ My job is going really, really well, even though I have TONS of work and my boss sometimes wants to drive me crazy! She's a MASSIVE MESS and I hate that, I mean I'm a mess in my personal life and all that jazz but I try to be organized and perfectionist so when I encounter a person who's a bloody mess I just hate it :/ and sometimes I want to punch her in the face!

+ I watched 'Into the Wild' and it was OMG so beautiful and heartbreaking &hearts I recommend it!!!! If you haven't seen it you MUST!!!! :D I so want to travel like that in some point in my life, Emile Hirsch is teh sex a great actor and finally saw some Kristen!acting! She'll be a wonderful Bella!

And talking about 'Twilight'...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The mother of the creature with teh **lovers** :P

I'm not that excited about the movie but it's a cute pic!

+And just because I love BLACK!!! Collapse )

Feb. 14th, 2008

Dan Rad



Yes Dan, me too!

HAPPY St. VALENTINE'S DAY XD I really hope you enjoy this day f-list! And to celebrate I'm posting a little picspam!!!!

RPATZZ...Collapse )

SPAAAARTA!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

Some Mr. BaleCollapse )

MOAR MenCollapse )

Mr. McAvoy...Collapse )

And of course Mr. Radcliffe...Collapse )

Feb. 10th, 2008



+I have to wake up tomorrow at 5:30am and it's almost midnight :/


+I'm sleeping like a bb and it's scaring the hell out of me D:

+Marion Cotillard's reaction in the BAFTAS is quite 'OMGWTF?!' too and I MUST see 'La Vie en Rose'

+And this is one of the cutest/awkward pics ever...

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
'How is the weather up there?!'

Gimme some Dan&Daniel :D

+School ends the 29th (THANKS GOD!)

+Graduation is in October, 24th!

And I just realized that one of my oldest half-brothers looks A LOT like Kanye West O.o

Jan. 23rd, 2008

Bill Nighy

(no subject)

I still cannot fucking believe that Heath Ledger is dead D: It's like a movie or something, just like with Brad Renfro last week... Who will be next?! Britney Spears?! O.o I don't think I'll be able to watch the Dark Knight in July without being sad about it and I was/am SO excited about it! I mean he looks so brilliant as 'The Joker' :(

Also I'm still without computers at home and at my job :'( It freaking sucks because you miss important stuff like the whole Heath tragedy, I found out this morning and I was all 'WTF?!?!?' And my allergies are literally killing me, I had some medication yesterday and it made me sleep like a baby last night and my nose it's so freaking sore :'(

I cannot believe that I made it to the final round @ radcliffe_lims along with my dear friend navi_glow, Kate you already have a few advantages: time and tools :) Hopefully I'll recover it one of my babies for the weekend because I really need to make some icons, they help me to control my stress.

And instead of going to school tonight all I want to do is curl up in my couch and watch Brokeback Mountain :'( R.I.P. Heath

Jan. 21st, 2008


(no subject)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY adamanteve19 Photobucket

I hope you're having a wonderful day :D


Jan. 20th, 2008

RPATTZ X-mas gift from Kate :D

(no subject)


I bought my fucking laptop more than a year ago just for the case of an emergency a.k.a the suddenly death of the PC! So today that happened!!! *sobs* And guess what?!?!?!? The stupid (I don't know how to insult him) of my brother downloaded a fucking virus to my laptop, so he sent it to the technician on Wednesday, he was responsible enough and accepted to pay it! BUT he realized that he had fucked up the laptop three weeks ago *cries a little bit more* So he waited 2 entire weeks because he's retarded or something (hell he's not going to pay for it anyways, my mother is going to) and now I almost had a stroke this morning because the whole situation (NO PC, NO LAPTOP), mostly because I have to present a paperwork tomorrow and it's SO FUCKING IMPORTANT *cries again* I call my classmate and she tolds me that she already sent me her whole part and I only have to write my part and some other corrections to her work and then that another bitch teacher sent us on Saturday the points of another paperwork that we have to write for tomorrow :( So now I'm here with a chest pain (due to allergies and/or a cold) in a cybercafe with lots of kids that are playing Counter Strike :'( what a crappy Sunday.

Also this week was... HELL, one of my bosses is a fucking mess, my other boss can be a pain in the ass and I almost had a stroke one of these days because the amount of stress that has caused me that freaking job! And on wednesday in the bus in the way back home, a woman had her dead cat in her purse and she was stroking it :( WTF?!?!!?!!?!!?!? That only happens to me and to the Daffy Duck!

And I finally saw Juno! :) And I loved it!!!! And I realized that I'm a slightly older Juno, I can be a bitch just like her, we dressed in the same way and I felt a lot connected with her in some strange way but WTF @ everybody freaking out with the Soundtrack, it's a pretty good OST but not that good :/ And it's not a movie award winner, it's a fun and cute indie movie but not worth all the hype that surrounds it... BTW Michael Cera, stop doing the same character over and over again, I think that you can do better!

An dear f-list, sorry if I haven't commented in your journals but it has been almost impossible for me to even being more than one hour on the internetz :( My time is divided between the fuckng job and school and I've been tempted to quit but I don't think so!!!

Have a nice week everybody!!!

Jan. 6th, 2008

Batman!, Holy Bulge

(no subject)

1st - My new job is going really well, I mean I didn't do anything last week but still I like the office and the few people I've met!

2nd - School starts tomorrow >:/ and that kind of sucks because I work like an hour away (without traffic) from Uni so yeah I'll be extremely late for the 1st class.

3rd - FUCK YOU PHOTOSHOP!!! My Photoshop C.S died on Friday and I've jut made one icon in a week and I'm literally dying here *cries* I've tried everything but I have to buy a new software :( So I'm stuck with Photoshop 7.0 that sucks so freaking much that it's not even funny, that thing hates me :( And I tried to download C.S. 3 but it didn't work!!! *sobs*

4th - ACROSS THE UNIVERSE IS THE MOST AMAZING MOVIE EVAAARRR!!!! Not really but it's SO good, brilliant in some parts ^^ Although there are some scenes that are just crap and a few weak points in the plot and I disliked Marilyn Manson's new sex toy girlfriend a bit and OMG JUDE!!!!! Little Jude *hums Hey Jude* what a gorgeous English muffin bloke and three WTFs -> Prudence?! Bono?! and that scene before the lake scene in the middle of the movie?! Especially Bono!!! Now I still need to see Juno *le sigh*

And last but not least Happy Birthday quixotic_crush Photobucket Hope you had a good b-day Jojo, I wanted to make you an icon but due to the bloody Photoshop was impossible :( but I owe you one.

Have a fantastic week everyone!!!

Dec. 31st, 2007


Memes: 2007 & 2008

Waiting for the New Year in about 4 hours! *is bored*

Stolen from _almagitana

1. What did you do in 2007 that you'd never done before?Collapse )

Stolen from witherwings7 Cliche 2008 survey of doomCollapse )

Stolen from delicatetruth
PEOPLE.Collapse )

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